How Long Does It Take To Get A Discharge After The 341 Meeting

Can You Spend Money After 341 Meeting

What Happens After 341 Meeting

Do not expect your case to close after a 341 meeting because filers have to wait for 60 days before a debt discharge.  Your case may be closed sooner after the trustee files a no-asset report.  But after completing the meeting and your debtor education course, you are done with the most important stage in this process.

Things likely to derail the process include a creditor objecting to your discharge or the trustee having to sell some of your assets. You may also have to wait for the court to resolve a lawsuit filed against your debt discharge case.

What To Do After The 341 Meeting

What Happens After 341 Meeting In Chapter 7

There are a number of tasks that you have to complete before you can get a discharge. For Chapter 7, you need to:

  • Provide all financial documents to the Chapter 7 trustee appointed by the court
  • You need to have provided the additional information requested by the trustee
  • The trustee must have concluded the 341 meetings meaning that you don’t need to return
  • You need to file the debtor education certificate before the 60-day waiting period after the 341 meeting expires

If you have done all the above, then you are more than likely going to receive the discharge.  But if you haven’t completed the tasks, you need to do so before time runs out. Failing to do so in time could result in the court not issuing a discharge meaning that you have to pay a filing fee to reopen your case.

Spending Money After A 341 Meeting

Bankruptcy Meeting Of Creditors What Happens

How Long Does It Take To Get A Discharge After The 341 MeetingYour Chapter 7 bankruptcy case only focuses on the money or property that you got before you filed for the bankruptcy case. So, any money you earn after filing Chapter 7 is yours to keep or to do with as you desire. Just do not spend any money that is part of the “bankruptcy estate” or money that you possessed before filing for bankruptcy.

All those funds need to be transferred to the bankruptcy trustee.

When Do You Get Chapter 7 Discharge After The 341 Meeting

Presumption Of Abuse After 341 Meeting

There is a 60-day waiting period after the 341 meeting, which means the earliest you can get a discharge is after that period of time expires.  The 60 days are meant to give anyone an opportunity to file an adversary proceeding.  In case no one objects to the discharge, you will receive it after the 60 days run out.

When someone objects but loses the adversary proceeding, you will get the discharge after the waiting period expires or after the adversary proceeding fails in court.  Sometimes the creditor only objects to one claim but not the entire discharge. In this case, you will get a partial discharge after the waiting period expires or after the creditor wins the case. The discharge will only happen after 60 days in both cases.

Navigating A Bankruptcy Case

Can I Apply For Credit After 341 Meeting

A bankruptcy case is complicated. For example, you have to complete a 50 or 60-page bankruptcy petition when filing for bankruptcy. So, you need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to help you navigate the process with ease.