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Can A Credit Card Company Put A Lien On My House?

It’s a common question we get at our office – can a credit card company put a lien on my house? The answer is unfortunately, yes. If you fall behind on your credit card payments, the credit card company can take legal action against you and eventually put a lien on your property. If you’re […]

Bankruptcy And Medical Debt Relief

Medical Debt Relief with Bankruptcy It is not uncommon for people to experience financial ruin because of a chronic medical problem or temporary illness. A temporary or chronic illness can leave you or a loved one burdened with doctor bills, medical bills, hospital charges, or other type of medical debt. When you or someone you […]

Gambling Debt and Bankruptcy Options

What Happens to My Gambling Debt in Bankruptcy If you have incurred excessive gambling debt and want to file for bankruptcy, you need to consult a lawyer to find out your bankruptcy legal options. Gambling debt is considered as unsecured debt but there are situations where these debts can be a bit complicated. For the […]

Texas Credit Card Laws & Bankruptcy

TX Credit Card Lawsuits and Bankruptcy Credit Card companies and or assignees of Credit Card Companies file lawsuits to collect past due Credit Card accounts almost every day in Texas. But you can stop such a lawsuit by filing for bankruptcy because Credit Card debt is considered unsecured debt. You will need to consult a […]

Texas Hot Check Law And Bankruptcy

Writing Bad Checks in Texas A hot check is a check that a bank cannot pay because there are insufficient funds in the account to pay the check or the checking account does not exist at all. It does not matter how nominal the check is because in Texas writing a bad check is a […]

Emergency Bankruptcy To Stop Eviction

Bankruptcy and Stopping Foreclosure There can be some confusion as to whether you need to consult with a real estate attorney or bankruptcy lawyer, but the landlord cannot throw you out just because you owe rent but a court can compel you to leave your home. ¬†Your landlord cannot go to where you live and […]

Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy

Debt Consolidation Loans vs Bankruptcy There are other options you can pursue when bankruptcy is not the best alternative. In most cases it is your assets and employment situation that determines whether these alternatives are available for you. Eliminating your debt through bankruptcy offers you the opportunity to avoid paying the loan in full but […]

Bankruptcy Alternatives

At one time or another you may experience financial woes due to things that are out of your control. These include recessions, medical emergencies or even a changing business climate. You may find yourself unable to pay your creditors in such situations and bankruptcy may not be the best option. Common Personal Bankruptcy Alternatives Most […]