7 Best Houston Estate Planning Lawyers

There’s a lot of information on the web about estate planning and planning your will, but you still might not know where to start. At BankruptcyAttorneyHouston.us we have ranked and reviewed a few local attorneys from our community. You may be surprised to find that your community doesn’t even have a “estate planning” law (and in fact, most communities don’t even have wills).

Here are some of the best estate planning attorneys in Houston, Tx.

People often wonder why they don’t need to worry about estate planning – it can be such a complicated and expensive process – when their loved ones are paying for the funeral and burial expenses anyway. Call an estate planning attorney.

But if you are worried about this, here are some things you should probably know:
1. You should always consult with an attorney before making any decisions that could affect your family’s finances (e.g., real estate transactions, wills, trusts and beneficiaries).
2. Your local attorney can help you with all aspects of estate law (including probate, trust administration and probate fees), including:
a) drafting a will;
b) drafting an agreement for the sale of real property; and/or creating a trust or arrangement for the transfer of property.
3. A lawyer is also permitted to write an “advice in probate” (i.e., general advice) after the death of someone who was under the age of 18 at death.[1]

4 . The cost of having an attorney review your property is one-third off if you use www.estateplanningattorneyhoustontexas.com . [2] Additionally, many lawyers offer free consultations for those who need advice on important issues like estate tax issues or probate matters.[3] [4] If there is no need for legal counsel immediately after death – then it’s best to consult with a lawyer so he can advise on such matters as preparing gifts from estates, wills and trusts.[5] [6] It is easier for lawyers to prepare wills than for lay people because they are trained to do so,[7] but there is not much difference between skills when it comes to preparing titles in probate or drafting wills.[8] [9] A person who has not been trained in estate planning may still want legal advice before committing money or other resources that would be used by his or her family during his or her lifetime.[10][11][12][13][14] This issue affects both owners and tenants because each type has assets that are specific to them.[15][16][17][18]

2) Dwane Todd Law Firm

Established in 1991 in Houston Texas by Dwane L. Todd, a distinguished attorney with over thirty-five years of experience. Our mission is to present the law in clear, understandable language, and create a relationship of trust and confidence with each client. –DwaneToddLawFirm.com

3) Ford + Bergner LLP

Ford + Bergner LLP offers you and your family trusted representation to meet your estate, trust and guardianship needs. Whether you need attorneys to guide you through an uncontested estate or you need aggressive attorneys to represent you in complex litigation, we understand that you may be contacting us during a difficult time, and we are ready to provide you with the superior service you expect and deserve from a boutique law firm. –FordBergner.com

4) McCulloch Miller, PLLC

Houston, Texas Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm McCulloch & Miller, PLLC Serving Families and Individuals in Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Missouri City, Clear Lake, The Woodlands and all Throughout the Houston Metro Area.

As the largest city in Texas, Houston is home to the most diverse, multigenerational, and aging adult communities. We have some of the best health care and medical care in the world and in turn, Houstonians can safely bet on longer, healthier lives for themselves and their loved ones. What does that mean for traditional estate planning? It means you now must plan for 20-30 years of retirement or disability planning and for many people that concept can seem overwhelming. However, the importance of creating a plan with your Houston estate planning lawyer cannot be overstated and you do need to begin today. Luckily, we know how to make it simpler on you and your family. –MCMFirm.com

5) Kearney McWilliams & Davis

Estate Planning Lawyers | We Provide Estate Planning Services to Protect Your Future

Proper estate planning is a process, not a transaction. It involves identifying your values, goals, and vision for your future and that of your loved ones. It involves working closely with your trusted estate planning attorneys to create a framework for furthering your values and achieving the goals and vision you have identified. It involves monitoring the plan to ensure that it remains fresh and relevant as your life, circumstances, and the laws change. –KMD.law

6) Hegwood Law Group


Estate planning can be uncomfortable since it necessitates facing your own mortality. Working with a compassionate, honest, well-informed estate planning attorney can make the task go smoothly and address all of your concerns about your future and the future of your loved ones. If you are looking to protect your accumulated assets while preparing for contingencies, Hegwood Law Group is the estate planning law firm to contact. –HegwoodLaw.com

7) Fizer | Beck

Since our founding, FizerBeck has excelled in helping individuals and families preserve, manage and protect their personal and business assets.  Our practice has focused on Estate Planning & Administration, Business, Real Estate, and Tax Exempt Organizations & Charitable Planning.

Although the firm has grown over the years, we have remained focused on these specific practice areas.  Unfortunately, Don passed away in 2011, but his legacy at FizerBeck continues.  FizerBeck continues to provide high-quality legal service in a small firm environment giving our clients the close, personal attention they deserve. –FizerBeck.com

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Estate Plan for Future Generations

Being a parent brings with it many complications, both for parents themselves and the children they raise. The first is that you have to make sure that you have enough money to take care of your family. The second is that you have to make sure that your family is safe.
I discovered all of the above as a result of my son who, at only six years old, was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. While his condition was not terminal, his prognosis was far from hopeful. He had only months to live and it seemed reasonable to assume that he’d be in a vegetative state or even dead within the next year or two.
In other words, we were facing a very real threat to our child’s life, and while I don’t believe I would have been able to determine how much money we could afford without estate planning (and without any estate planning at all), I did know what my options were: leave him at home or move him into an adult care facility.
I was familiar with the idea of estate planning because I had recently moved from a place where there was no local government regulation on wills nor regulations about estates in general, and instead we had freedom to create wills as we saw fit (which meant no estate planning).
However, I didn’t have any experience with estate planning in general so I sought out an experienced lawyer who could help me through this process. Fortunately for me (and fortunately for my son), he found an attorney who specialized in family law but also had experience working on wills and estates.
The initial conversation went well: he explained the basics of what would be done, why it was necessary, and how much time it would take (which scared me).
He also explained how much it would cost us—and told us exactly how long this process took. It seemed like a lot but ultimately we took his advice with open minds and hearts because we decided not to fret about whether or Not our decision made sense… It made sense!