Houston Criminal Attorneys List

Visit HoustonCriminalAttorney.us, a law firm headquarted in Houston, Texas which focuses on drunk driving and criminal defense.

As a bankruptcy law firm we have teamed up with several criminal lawyers in Houston so that our clients will be able to find any type of lawyer that they need.

Finding Criminal Defense Attorneys

We have a convenient location in Houston, Tx. This allows them to service clients in both Harris and Fort Bend County.

A Great Attorney YouTube Channel

Mr. Benavides has a strong video presence on both YouTube and Facebook.

We have included one of his most popular videos below.

If you don’t like to follow criminal attorneys on Facebook, then you can also find him on YouTube, where he is one of the best Houston criminal defense law firms.

Nationally Syndicated Criminal Law Blog

If you need a criminal lawyer in Houston, then you want to hire an attorney with national recognition. This blog has been picked up by some large publications around the country.

Practice Areas

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General Criminal Defense: Mr. Benavides defends clients who have been charged with a crime in Texas. This can include simple assault to murder cases.

Driving While Intoxicated: Many of his clients have been arrested for driving while intoxicated in Harris County. Mr. Benavides has a multitude of experience in this area and has been quoted as an authority on this subject in many different publications.

Federal Crimes: White collar crimes like embezzlement and extortion are often covered under federal jurisdiction. Mr. Benavides practices in under a wide variety of cases.